Corner Slice: fantastic grandma pizza

Corner Slice is making a grandma-style pizza using Central Milling flour (a Utah-based artisanal mill whose flours are considered among the best by many bakers and pizza-makers). They do long fermentations at about 80% hydration, parbaking the crusts to yield a crunchy-chewy texture. The crust flavor is excellent, and the crispness is on point. I love the bubbly crust. Continue reading Corner Slice: fantastic grandma pizza

Weekly Pizza Lunch: Vezzo and Tappo

I’m combining two Weekly Pizza Lunch outings into one here. That’s because they’re practically the same place. —The Mgmt.

Vezzo Meatball Classic Pizza
Vezzo’s Meatball Classic pizza: tomato sauce, mozzarella, house-made meatballs, red onion, and basil. Pictured: small, $9.

There’s a pizzeria mini chain in the heart of Manhattan that I think doesn’t get enough attention or praise.* Part of the blame may lie in its unusual naming convention. I mean, did you know that the pizzerias Gruppo, Posto, Spunto, Vezzo, and Tappo are all related and are pretty much the same thing? I know! You’d think they would have settled on one name and stuck with it. (Think of the efficiencies gained by maintaining one single website!)

Then again, avoiding the appearance of a chain has a certain advantage as well. Continue reading “Weekly Pizza Lunch: Vezzo and Tappo”