What are your hours?

We pop up on occasional Monday nights from 9 to 11pm. Our dates are posted on our homepage. As for ticket sales, we hand out live links to on-sale tickets VIA EMAIL ONLY, so join our email list! (We are not overly email-y and we don’t share your info with third parties.)

Where are you?

We operate out of EMILY in Clinton Hill: 919 Fulton Street, Brooklyn NY 11238.

Do you serve walk-ups? AKA, You’re seriously making people buy tickets? For pizza?!?

Yes, we do this on a ticketed basis and don’t serve walk-ups. We really wish we could, but the logistics are just not feasible — not without making you wait excessively.

How do I get tickets?

Sign up for our email list. We send out the link to buy tickets VIA EMAIL ONLY.

Can you share any tips for getting tickets?

They sell out fast (often in less than 2 minutes), but here is the inside dope on getting them: Tips for Getting Tickets »

We also hold a lottery prior to each pop-up that gives six (6) individuals pre-sale access to purchase 1 ticket.

Also… If you follow @pizzalovesemily on Instagram, sometimes chef-owner Matt Hyland gives out a single Margot-rita pizza to a couple folks the morning of any given pop-up.

Is there a limit to how many tickets I can buy?

Yes. We cap it at 2 tickets each. That’s just to spread around the chance of getting tickets to as many people as possible. With 2, you can bring a friend. Or eat both yourself!

I just tried to buy tickets but they sold out and now I’m going to email you to ask you if you have any extra.

Like all the big box retailers these days, we don’t have anything in the back. What’s on the shelves is what we have. Sorry!

Do you have a waiting list?

No. We will announce any availability due to previous cancelations via our Facebook.

How many people does one bar pie feed?

Probably one person COMPLETELY full, though two people could split one pizza and not walk away absolutely starved.

I was only able to get 1 ticket. Is it OK if I bring a friend?

By all means, please do! We want as many people as possible to try Margot’s Pizza during these pop-ups.

My friend got tickets in one time slot and I got tickets in another and we’d really like to eat together. Help?

If this describes your situation, email adam@margotspizza.com. In all but extreme cases, I should be able to consolidate both orders into one time slot.

Do kids need a ticket?

No. The ticket is not so much admission as it is a voucher for pizza and a drink. However you want to split your 1 or 2 pizza(s) is up to you. Share with your kid, share with a friend, whatever. Just note the serving suggestions above.

What do I do when I get there?

Check in with the host. Your name will be on our list. Have a seat, order a drink, and we’ll get your pizza out to you shortly.

If I want to order additional food or drink, how do I pay?

Margot’s at EMILY is cash-only.

Do you have a gluten-free crust?

Not at this time. We’re not opposed to it — we’re just … basically a toddler of a pizzeria and are learning to walk before we leap.

Do you have vegan options?

Vegan friends, we love you, but we haven’t developed our vegan menu yet. Sorry!

Is your cheese vegetarian?

No and yes. Our default cheese blend has a couple cheeses that use animal-derived rennet. If you tell us in advance, we can make a version that uses only vegetarian-friendly cheeses.

We always contact our guests by email at least a week before our pop-ups to confirm reserved times and orders — we’ll take care of this then.

I have a question you haven’t answered.

Please contact us! We’re having FAQ-writers block at the moment and need new material.