Test Fire No. 4 at Emily

Another Midtown dough-and-pan hand-off this morning resulted in the pizza you see above. I’m not able to get in to EMILY all that often during the day, so my trusty R&D guy Tim Nguyen has been doing testing there on my behalf before he starts his evening dinner shift at the pizzeria. He’s been testing … Continue reading Test Fire No. 4 at Emily

What is “bar pizza”? (Or “bar pies” or “tavern pizza” or “pub pies” or what have you)

A Margot's Pizza bar-style pizza
A plain bar pizza from the second round of testing for the Margot’s Pizza pop-up.

Good question, and there are as many answers to it as there are bars serving pizza. Which is to say, it’s somewhat fluid. The South Shore of Massachusetts may have the greatest density of this style than any other region, but it’s a genre that appears in other states as well, if in slightly different form.

To my mind, most bar or tavern pies I’m familiar with and love are:

  • Very thin crusted
  • Decidedly crisp
  • Well-done but not to the point of being burned
  • Large enough to share but small enough you could house one yourself

But that’s the physicality of the bar pizza. There is also a communal and spiritual aspect to this style of pizza. The best bar pizza joints are beloved gathering spots that bring together generations and social classes. Continue reading “What is “bar pizza”? (Or “bar pies” or “tavern pizza” or “pub pies” or what have you)”