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A Love Supreme pizza from today's @MargotsPizza pop-up at @pizzalovesEMILY

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Annie #hotgirlseatingpizza (@margotspizza at @pizzalovesemily)

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Because sometimes you need a weekend of endless food @margotspizza @amcalvs #popup #barpizza #missingthehipster

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Emily (of namesake restaurant @pizzalovesemily) at @akuban's popup, @margotspizza #hotgirlseatingpizza thanks for having us

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First visit to @margotspizza a total success. Haven't been yet? Get here immediately. Congrats @akuban!

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Dream: amazing @margotspizza #barpie. Reality: Salad with chicken breast. #fromthearchives

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All of the #pizza, all of the @margotspizza.

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Pizzas Loves Emily

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thanks for a fabulous @margotspizza lunch, @akuban! the Love Supreme was everything I dreamed of and more

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#WorldFamousOriginalA aka #SpicyOriginalA off menu only at @margotspizza #pizzalovesemily #pizza #brooklyn #margotspizza

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@margotspizzs @akuban ty! For another amazing pop-up 🙂

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At last! @margotspizza @akuban

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Delicious bar pie.

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@margotspizza Funghitown #pizza: sauce, Romano, cheese, #mushroom mix (cremini, #shiitake, portobello), +#truffled sottocenere. Years ago, the first time I tried #sottocenere cheese at a restaurant I freaked and called everywhere looking for it- Murrays, Artisanal, Bedford Cheese. No luck. Finally I asked my neighborhood grocery store cheese monger if he could get it. He called around and got it from his "goomba" (said with affection) from @fairwaymarket, and BOOM – there it was in stock. I used to buy pieces for all my friends to take home, but the cheese monger said that the wheel was very expensive and he was having trouble moving it. I felt bad, but you have to understand its aged in an ash-like coated rind of cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander, cloves etc and is laced throughout with slivers of black #truffle. Eventually he could barely keep it in stock, as many people caught on to its deliciousness and bought it all up. Here @akuban pairs it with earthy mushrooms; the truffle hint complements them perfectly. Bar style pizza, super thin and crispy, with killer toppings and cheese all the way to the edges. Mmmmm

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Super delicious #lovesupreme from @margotspizza! Thank you, @akuban

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The @margotspizza madness never ends.

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