Why, hello there!

Margot’s Pizza is a pop-up pizzeria that operates out of EMILY in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

We make bar pizza.

We pop-up at EMILY in Clinton Hill on the occasional Saturday for lunch. But not every Saturday — find our schedule BELOW.

Heads up: We are a TICKETED POP-UP. That means you can’t just pop in. (Sorry!)

We sell tickets a week in advance of any given pop-up. To get tickets, SIGN UP FOR OUR EMAIL LIST BELOW! (It’s the only place we hand out links to ticket sales when they go live.)

(I can hear you now: “Seriously? I have to BUY TICKETS?!? For PIZZA?!” Yes, it’s our workaround for the fact that we have a very limited supply, a lot of demand, and, most of all, don’t want to make you wait on line when there’s no point in it.)

Who’s behind Margot’s Pizza? Do you remember that pizza blog, Slice? Margot’s is brought to you by the same guy who founded that — ADAM KUBAN.

I think that’s the gist of things. Still curious? Try our FAQ.

Here is OUR MENU.

Here is the schedule for 2015 (and beyond)

  • January 17 (SOLD OUT!)
  • January 31 (SOLD OUT!)
  • February 28 (SOLD OUT!)
  • April 4 (SOLD OUT!)
  • April 25 (SOLD OUT!)
  • November 7 (SOLD OUT!)
  • December 19 (tickets on sale December 12)
  • January 9 (tickets on sale January 2)
  • January 30 (tickets on sale January 23)

Wanna try Margot’s?!

To be notified of ticket sales, sign up for our email list here! (Don’t worry, we’re not overly email-y, and we won’t sell your info.)

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Go look at some PRETTY PICTURES of our pizza!

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Adam Kuban, Margot’s Pizza founder