Updates on ticket-sale lottery, capacity, menu changes, and more…

It’s been a while since I last rapped at ya, and I wanted to give some updates on upcoming pop-ups.

First, let’s all look at this beautiful new pizza that’s coming to the menu:

margot's pizza wtfunghitown

The WTFunghitown is a white pizza (no sauce) dressed with olive oil and topped with Romano and Kublend cheeses, thick-cut bacon, mushrooms, and post-oven truffled sottocenere cheese.

I threw this one together at the end of the Jan. 31 pop-up as a staff pie. The staff (and Instagram) reaction was enough to convince me to put it on the menu on a trial basis. It’s available as is (see caption above) or with an upgrade of Mike’s Hot Honey at no additional charge.  This will be the first real “white pizza” (no sauce) we’ve done.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained, they say.

Pre-Sale Ticket Access Lottery being discontinued

And in more taketh-away news, I’m axing the Pre-sale Ticket Access Lottery. All random-selectees for the Feb. 28 period have been notified and have until noon EST Feb. 21 to purchase their tickets. After the Feb. 28 pop-up, I will be discontinuing the Pre-Sale Access Lottery.

Though upward of a couple hundred folks would sign up for the lotteries, very few of the  people randomly selected actually ended up buying tickets, and their unpurchased tickets would fall back into the general-admission pool in the end.  It was a lot of extra time to administer the lottery, and I would rather devote that time to prepping for the actual pop-up and to the future of Margot’s Pizza. I hope you can understand.

Seatings going back to 4 per time slot

While the lottery was in effect, we had expanded capacity to 5 seats per time slot (up from the original 4). We’ve found that, while we can indeed produce 5 pizzas at a time, the added pie decreases our overall food- and service quality.   Any mistake that required us to re-do a pizza caused a cascade of delays that would put us “in the weeds.” To me, that is unacceptable, and I would rather forgo the added seat than offer suboptimal pizza or service.

I believe that’s all I have to cover for now. After the Feb. 28 pop-up, our next one will be April 4. We did have a March 14 event scheduled, but I am being sent to South By Southwest (where I can’t wait to eat at Via 313 again and maybe even take an evening trip up to Dallas to finally try Cane Rosso and Zoli’s NY Pizza Tavern). TEXAS, BEWARE.