Sofia Pizza Shoppe: A bunch of photos

Sofia Pizza Shoppe Pepperoni Slice

Sofia Pizza Shoppe pepperoni slice.

Ideally I’d spread out my pizza-eating and -photographing to a number of different pizzerias throughout NYC, but I’m limited these days largely to where I can get on my lunch breaks. Since realizing that Sofia Pizza Shoppe is only a 15-minute mini-jaunt away from my office, I’ve been going there A LOT.

Sofia Pizza Shoppe Plain Slice

Sofia Pizza Shoppe plain slice.

I hop on the E train at Seventh Avenue & 53rd, take it two stops east to 53rd–Lexington, and then walk over to First Avenue. When the trains are actually running smoothly, it’s a nice way to spend my entire lunch hour out of the office and away from the computer.

Sofia Pizza Shoppe Margherita Slice

Sofia Pizza Shoppe Margherita slice.

Here’s a selection of photos from those lunches over the last several weeks.

Sofia Pizza Shoppe White Slice

Sofia Pizza Shoppe white slice.

I won’t say more than the fact that the pizza is fantastic. It’s a properly done old-school New York–style slice. The spinach dip slice is their signature thing, but you can’t go wrong with any slice topped with whatever calls to you.

Sofia Pizza Shoppe Vodka Mushroom Slice

Sofia Pizza Shoppe vodka mushroom slice.

One slice that caught me by surprise was the vodka-mushroom slice (above). I’d never seen vodka sauce with a mushroom add—usually just plain vodka (below) or, at most, pepperoni. The mushroom is unexpectedly good.

Sofia Pizza Shoppe Vodka Slice

Sofia Pizza Shoppe vodka slice.

Sofia Pizza Shoppe: 989 First Avenue, New York NY 10022