So, we’re going to try a Margot’s Pizza ticket lottery


UPDATE: We are no longer holding the Pre-sale Access Lottery

So, we’re going to try a Margot’s Pizza ticket lottery…

We’ll be trying something new with the December 13 pop-up, and we could use your help.

Thanks to a great suggestion by a Margot’s Pizza list member, we’re going to test out selling a small portion of our Margot’s Pizza pop-up tickets by lottery.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t change the process you’re used to all that much. We still have the same number of tickets available on a first-come, first-served basis, and we’ll still be emailing the live ticketing link for those on the Saturday prior to any given pop-up.

What’s changed is that we are adding capacity to the pop-up — to the tune of 5 additional prix fixe meals per event. That gives us the chance to test out this approach.

We’re going to choose 5 email-list members at random and offer them each the opportunity to buy a single ticket* to the 1pm seating on December 13.

For this test run, you don’t have to do anything. If you’re already a member of the list, you are automatically eligible and in the drawing. If you’re not a member of the list — WAIT WHY AREN’T YOU ON THE LIST DO YOU NOT LIKE PIZZA YOU MONSTER?!? — SIGN UP NOW!!!

You have until noon ET Friday (December 5) to sign up for the Margot’s Pizza ticket-purchase lottery. We will draw names and then email selectees by 6pm ET Friday (December 5).

If we continue with this method, we’ll eventually ask you to drop your name in the electronic hat on a pop-up by pop-up basis.

This new wrinkle gives at least 5 people the chance to buy a ticket in a leisurely way, without the anxiety of jamming on the refresh button like you’re taking out Galaga aliens.

Now, here’s where I could use your help. I’m asking you to kick the tires on this method. If you seem to like it, we’ll keep doing it. If not, we’ll just go back to what we’ve always done. If you feel strongly about it either way, let me know. I am always happy to hear from you:

Thanks for your time and hasta la pizza,
Adam Kuban
Founder, Margot’s Pizza

* A single ticket includes 1 (one) 12″ bar pizza PLUS your choice of a kale salad OR a drink credit.